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TITEX Competition Bar

Is the TITEX competition bar IPF Approved?

Yes, the TITEX Competition bar is IPF Approved for all competition use

Is there lifetime warranty?

Yes, the TITEX Competition bar has a limited lifetime warranty.

Limited Lifetime warranty warrantied against bar failure (bending). Does not cover damage from:

o   Drops – intentional or unintentional, including drops onto safety spotters, safety apparatus or racks

o   Rack work – rack training carries an inherently high drop risk onto safety pins. (Utility bars are recommended for this type training).

o   Normal wear and tear – examples include but are not limited to scratches, knurl wear, oxidation fade, etc

Is knurling covered under warranty?

The limited lifetime warranty assures the customer that when used properly a TITEX bar will not permanently bend. Specifically, this means that it isn’t covered when dropped or dumped in a cage or on a spotter rack. Any brand of bar can bend when subjected to the concentrated forces associated with dropping a bar on the very narrow area of a spotter rack or safety bar.

As for knurl wear, if you have a combination rack with metal rollers, expect flattening of the knurl. The concentration of weight on this narrow of an area will cause flattening. However, thisdoes not affect the integrity of the bar either in terms of straightness, strength, finish or critical knurling requirements. (The part that is flattened is not a critical area necessary for any of the competitive lifts. In fact, this area makes no contact with the body during the execution of any of the three lifts).

A quick note regarding the bar finish. The finish is actually the result of a black oxide treatment that converts the surface of the steel into magnetite. That means that the finish is not plated or applied like a paint that can be flaked, rubbed or scratched off.

In answer to claims that this doesn’t or won’t happen on another brand of bar, please see the attached photo of an Eleiko bar. This is normal wear and tear that will occur on any brand of bar.

Multi-racks on the market currently employ either metal or plastic rollers. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of each. The philosophy of each individual manufacturer determines which material is used on their particular model.

Plastic Rollers

  • Advantage
    • less wear on bar knurl
  • Disadvantages
    • more difficult to move and position the bar in comparison to metal rollers
    • limited life span resulting in the need to replace the rollers

Metal Rollers

  • Advantage
    • easier to move and position the bar in comparison to plastic rollers
    • virtually unlimited lifespan
  • Disadvantage
    • will flatten bar knurl regardless of brand

eleiko-wear-spot-450x369 (1)

Why is my TITEX bar rusting/oxidizing?

The TITEX bar will not rust in any climate, unless the integrity is compromised.  As long as the black magnetite surface is not scratched, chipped or any type of bare metal is exposed.

There is no warranty on surface imperfections because of the daily turbulence the bar is exposed to. Any of the turbulence listed, may compromise the integrity of the bar surface.

 Perspiration, chemical contaminants on the lifters hands and environmental contaminants.

Is any maintenance required?

It is important that you clean any chalk out of the knurling after use. Chalk buildup in the knurling will attract moisture buildup and in turn cause surface rust to develop.

To properly remove the chalk without damaging the bar surface, you must use a soft non-abrasive nylon bristle brush. Do not use a wire brush or any hard brush as you will rill risk scratching the oxidized surface of the bar.

To protect the bar surface and remove any buildup of surface rust, it is important to spray the bar with WD-40. It will act as a lubricant and protectant while removing any existing surface rust, keeping your bar in optimal condition.

TITEX Calibrated Plates

Are TITEX plates covered under warranty?

No, due to the nature of  Olympic plates and their use, they are not covered under warranty for cosmetic imperfections and damage.

Are TITEX Plates IPF Approved?

Yes, TITEX Plates are IPF Approved for all competition use.

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