459 kg TITEX Set


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Product Description

IPF Approved

meets the highest international standards in the lifting world


extreme accuracy conforms to IPF rules

Sculpted Design

unique look enhances platform presentation

thin profile

allows for maximum plate loads on the bar

sure grip lip

raised lip design assures surer grip when loading and unloading

tighter hole tolerances

less plate wobble equals more secure loads and better bar control

Hi-Grade Steel & Iron

produces super strong and durable plates

Color Coded

enhances visual loading efficiency, conforms to IPF rules

premium quality paint

auto grade polymer assures strong and durable colors and finish colors

Lifetime Warranty

superior quality allows Titan to offer a lifetime warranty against breakage and metal chipping. (Applies to normal wear and tear. Does not apply to intentional
drops or paintjob).

TITEX plates were designed with a tighter tolerance to minimize plate instability (wobble).

Plate instability or wobble is an often-overlooked performance variable. The attached videos confirm the potential instability or wobble of larger holed plates. Multiply the instability or wobble variable by the extra plates necessary to achieve 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 400kg loads or more and the potential for instability increases as well.

TITEX plates minimize risk of instability or wobble to produce the most stable loads in the sport.