TITEX Competition Bar (20 kg)

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Product Description

220,000 psi

The highest verifiable strength rating in the sport

Hardened satin chrome sleeves

Prevents rust, allows for easier sliding of plates onto the sleeve and provides an attractive contrast to the shaft

HRC 48 Rockwell Hardness

Provides an optimum balance between stiffness and flex

High performance bushings

Self-lubricating oil impregnated bronze bushings ensure
– optimal rotation
– maximum weight disbursement over the length of the bushing and sleeve to prevent seizing
– maximum durability


The black Magnetite shaft is humidity resistant and inhibits rust with a super durable finish that does not impact knurling. The finish is approximately 1 micrometer thick. The mineral Magnetite is superior to low-cost Zinc or Nitride coating. Now with aggressive knurling for improved grip, proven on 400 kg (881 lb) deadlifts.

Heat strengthened steel alloy

The bar strength is substantially increased over standard steel mill specs through an additional heat treating process

Lifetime warranty

The limited lifetime warranty is the TITEX guarantee that our engineers are confident in the quality of our bar. The warranty covers bar failure (bending).  The warranty does not cover damage or bending from drops, rack work and normal wear and tear.

IPF Approved

The TITEX competition bar is approved for use in all IPF competitions. The bar meets and exceeds all IPF specifications

TITEX Bar Withstanding Pressure

What Powerlifting Champions Say

ALL TITAN….. ALL DAY….. Squatted with my new TITEX bar last night and loved it.
– Blaine Sumner (IPF Classic and Open World Champion)

I own an Eleiko, Ivanko, Q-Bar and now a Titex. This Titex is so extremely close to the Eleiko that it’s a toss up for stiffness and feel.

I can see 2 big advantages for the Titex. The Q-Bar and Eleiko had very aggressive knurling and torn up that hands pretty bad initially. The Titex hasn’t done that but it still has enough for a great grip.

The second is with the finish. My Eleiko has been tough to keep looking good. The Titex is a black finish on the shaft so I’m anticipating less wear.

– Jonathan (Jona) Leo (IPF Bench Press World Champion, World Record Holder)

Just finished the first work out with the Titex bar and clearly the best powerlifting bar I have ever used.
I have other bars that I have trained with and I will use the Titex bar from now on. Great Bar!

– Bill Gillespie (3x USAPL Bench National Champion)

The Titex is the ultimate bar for training and competition. The knurling has been perfected to a degree unseen before. It offers excellent grip yet isn’t aggressive and doesn’t tear up your hands. The stiffness is what you would expect of an IPF competition bar. Thrilled with the quality and performance.

– Nathan Baxter (Australian Bench Press Record Holder)